Shady Shades

So this afternoon I talked to Ashley (from Journeys of a Seedling and Domestic Genius). She is one of my fellow photographer friends and I hadn’t talked to her in a while so it was nice to catch.

We talk mostly about photography and our blogs. She wanted an opinion about her new blog, Domestic Genius, on how it looked and stuff. I thought it looked great and I’m sure she would like some other opinions. Anyways, of course we rambled on about photography junk. We discussed lenses and camera bodies, and of course Leica. She photographs with a Leica M8 which is pretty stinking awesome!

Another photographic thing we discussed was photo-blogging. Ashley shares the same view as me about pho-blogging. We both don’t like uploading bad photographs. What I mean by this is not quality-wise (like grainy-ness or compression junk) but more or less the quality of the photo such as composition and such. When she mentioned this, it made me thing about P365. As you know, I don’t always upload a picture that I took from that day, and it’s because of that. I don’t like bad photos on my blog. I don’t want people to see a bad photo. And that’s why I don’t upload a picture that i took everyday. Because most of the time, I took a photo that day, but it was a bad photo and I never wanted people to see a bad photo.

I know it seems silly, but I honestly don’t think it is. I want to show people that I have talent and know what I’m doing. If I upload a crummy photo, what;s that show people? Well that even I take bad photos and I’m not perfect but still! I just don’t like looking at bad photos. And since I don’t like it, I don’t think I should incorporate that into my blog.

So yeah, that all seems like a bunch of babbling garbage, but I had to get it out of my mind. Because I realize that now that I’m reaching the end of P365, I havent always photographed everyday. Anyway, I’m going to save that discussion for a later post. Because I have a lot to say about My P365. Now for a photo.

Day 348 – So like I was saying about, I don’t like uploading bad photos, and this one isn’t a good photo. But I took it today and I’ve wanted to finish P365 strong, i.e., Upload a photo a day, that I took that day, no matter what.

I think its kinda cool. It’s not my usual style though.

Well hopefully you understand what I’m saying. If not. Well I try to clarify in a later post.

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Matt :D




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2 responses to “Shady Shades

  1. Ashley

    I really love this black and white! It’s a really nice abstract and had a lot of good tone and superb composition. Keep it up.

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