Happy Birthday to Me!!! :D

So as you might have noticed, I did not blog yesterday. And I had every right not too! Because yesterday was my 18th birthday. Now of course, it’s not like I didn’t want to blog, no no, I love blogging, it’s just Id rather do something else (like eating pizza with Daniel and Jonathan). So yes, I neglected my blog.

So you are probably wondering how my birthday was, well it was fabulous! We went to the 40th Street Cafe for breakfast because they have the BEST pancakes EVER! Then mom came and dropped me off at the house because she had to go to Vonda’s. So I had the house to myself for about 30 minutes! :D Then my dad and sister came home. :P haha Ummm, really I did nothing much. I thought I would be cool and NOT do school because you know, its my birthday. Mom also took me to Costco to pick out a cake! Yes, a Costco cake (Psst! Theyre really good!), which is totally cool because Costco is cool.

I saw this cool old 'Stang in the parking lot of the 40th. I'm not much of a 'Stang person, but I do love old cars. :)


Of course the pinnacle of my day was going out to dinner with Daniel and Jonathan (and their wonderfull mom! (oh and Sarah, my bro’s GF)) at Grimaldi’s! Yes, we ate cake in the parking lot after.



Yes, rainbows. Because rainbows are AWESOME! And it was either that, or flowers. :P


Daniel-son! :D (don't ask me what the gray bar is. I didn't put it there.)

Jonathan-Jimmy-Johndude-Johnathan WHATEVER!!!!


Yes, that was my birthday. And ok, I lied, I did study for my test. But it was like late at night and my mind was all exiwefoud.

Today’s Post – Well today I have spent quite a bit of time studying for a CLEP test. The test is on interpreting literature and the majority of the test is poetry. Well sadly, I SUCK at interpreting poetry. It’s like reading russian in a german dialect. And I’ve been studying my eyes out and I still don’t get it!!!! So I broke down into a pyscho-maniac-like rage and starting calling poetry stupid! Oh yes. I am bad.

This has nothing to do with my test. Hence why there is a picture of him. I get easily distracted whilst studying and well, he happened to be near by. Along with my camera. Picture time! :D


A nice, full, yellow, moon. Cool.


Welp, I do think its time for me to go. Dont really know where, but most likely off into my room for sleep. I’m tired today. Yeah…

Now Playing – 21 Guns – Green Day – I accidentally hit “back” on my iPod and so I had to listen to it again! :D

Matt :D







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