So I have successful packed for our trip tomorrow. What trip? Oh, well my family and I are leaving for Oregon tomorrow morning to watch one of our friends get married!

Situation – packing all your clothes and camera gear into a carry-on bag.

Solution – Eliminate clothing materials to make room for camera equipment

Verdict – I still have successfully packed 3 months worth of clothing, including fancier clothing for the wedding, all my camera lenses, extra batteries, 52 miles of cord, “warm-like” clothing, a kitchen sink, and no room for oxygen. Am I a good packer? Yes, indeed I am.

Day 353 – during my packing procedure, I also was refining my poetry reading skills. Luckily, my cat came in, sat down on the book I was reading, and sent the knowledge that was being absorbed through his paws via telepathy.

Silly AWB. Cant read light properly.


But PS fixed it.

Also, I had a quail sighting. Which was cool because quail are awesome birds.

I love this one! It looks like he is "applying the brakes" to stop and check up and see if his friend is coming or not. (heavily cropped)


Like all good friends, he ditched him. (heavily cropped)


Well my friends, its time now that I do part. I have to get up early tomorrow! So it should be fair advice that I will not be able to blog this weekend. I don’t think we are bringing the computer because there was no WiFi the last time we went. So there’s really no purpose in bringing it.

Matt :D




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