Hang in There Folks…

Hey guys and gals, ok, please be patient with me as I recover from the vacation and get back into the swing of things. Today was a rather busy day because we started Moezart today! We are doing Bye, Bye, Birdie and rehearsal times went from being two hours on Tuesdays, to four hours. So I’m kind of tired and worn out from today. So can I blog some more pictures from Oregon tomorrow? I promise I’ll be all recovered. I’ll probably do a post about Oregon first, then later this week I’ll do the Wedding.

So here is another shot from flying to Oregon. I don't remember the name of this lake, I think it was like Bear or something. Again, no editing.

Again y’all, just hang in there. I’ll be all skippy and peppy tomorrow and clickin’ my heels to show y’all the photos I took last weekend.

Now Playing – Robot – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D



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4 responses to “Hang in There Folks…

  1. Were you hired to shoot the wedding or were you just shooting pictures for the fun of it?

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