Hurray! The Anticipated Pictures From Oregon!

Well ladies and germs, I finally got a few of the pictures from Oregon edited. And instead of giving some long description from the trip. I’ll let some of the images speak for themselves. I would like to say I had a nice fancy panoramic for ya, but Photoshop thought it would be cool to like ya know, quit working. Oh well. I’ll show it to ya some other time.

I love this one. Like a lot.


I found this old creepy house in Downtown Sisters. It was really cool to photograph. It was even opened and unlocked, but I, being a chicken, did not go inside. It was creepy looking.

I'm pretty sure this is a dried up cherry. But I could be wrong. But it sure made a fancy photograph!

Pretty groovy barded-wired fence. Lovin' the bokeh.

Now this is pretty dang cool. A geese herd (what? I don't know what a gathering of goose is called). This is one of those you should view all large n'stuff because you can see a lot of detail!

Flying back home. Pretty cool "S" shape.


Alright my dears, that is a few photos from the trip. Once I’m done sorting through all the wedding photographs, I’ll be sure to upload some. Sorry for taking a few extra days!

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Matt :D




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5 responses to “Hurray! The Anticipated Pictures From Oregon!

  1. The tree one is SO COOL! So is the house one! I would’ve gone in with you! And it’s a gaggle of geese :D

  2. Okay, this is sad but I *just* looked up what bokeh is. I looooooove bokeh!! I think like 80% of my pics are teh bokeh :)

  3. I really dig your tree shot… the first image… as well as the shot of the river from the plane? :) i can’t wait to see when you post wedding shots. ;)

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