Meet the Congers – Hollie and Jordan’s Spectacular Wedding

Drum roll please…(rolls drum across floor)…Ladies and gentleman, I have here, for you, a few of the wedding photographs from Hollie and Jordan’s wedding! Hurray! Because of school, I’ve had to put off sorting them, but now that it is the weekend, I found time! Yippee! I have been dying to show you some of the photos because I got quite a few good ones.

A little about Hollie and Jordan before I get to the pictures (but mainly Hollie).

Our family has known the Cardot’s (Hollie’s fam) for years…almost forever! When we heard she was getting married, well it was a little shocking. I realized that the person who was getting married was also the same person who we traveled with for all those years. The person getting married was the same person who we hung out with, traveled with, ate countless dinners with, talked, joked around, and the list could go on and on. I was a little taken aback when I heard the news. I was shocked and happy all at the same time. It dawned on me how time really truly does fly and it quite literally seems like yesterday I was 12. Now I’m 18. Its pretty crazy my friends.

Now enough chit-chat. Lets look at dem wedding pictures! :D

Ball caps. They wore these as they "left the building" (picture me saying that with a terrible Elvis voice)

Candles and rose peddles. :)

Wedding Cake. :) YumYum!












Dad and the Bride walking down the isle. :)

Preacher a'preachin'!

Dads prayin' over Hollie and Jordan's Wedding.












Kiss Kiss! (psst! That means they are now married!)

Hurray! They are married! :D


Signing of the vows

Michael Jackson may be dead, but these two guys...are his kids. (not really)


Mini-Michael Jackson ;D

See! Now they are wearing the caps! Cool!

As they walked to their car, all the guest held up sparklers to light up the way. It was awesome!

And that ladies and germs, are just a few photographs from Jordan and Hollie’s wedding. :) I suggest that you all please visit Kimberly Kay Photography after looking through these. She and her husband were the official photographers and their photos are incredible!
Matt :D




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7 responses to “Meet the Congers – Hollie and Jordan’s Spectacular Wedding

  1. Cool! I’ve been to quite a few weddings and never gotten photos that good! With some editing, some of those photos could almost be pro! :)

    • I actually used the 50mm for the wedding. It was the best lens I had. I really like result.

      • I know; At first, I didn’t use my 55-200mm lens at all… But now, I use it all the time! I’m always switching lenses back and forth, lol.

      • haha, I thought I would use the 18-55 the most. Turns out I use the 50mm the most. Its nice because when Im photographing in our house, the big f1.8 aperture helps blur out those distracting backgrounds. In order, I think it goes 50mm, 55-250mm, and the 18-55mm.

  2. SweetBabyJamie

    Really nice pics Matt!!! You’ll have to take pics at my boys weddings someday!!

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