Cats Do Not Make Very Good Mouse Catchers

So did y’all like the photos from the wedding? I thought they were pretty groovy and none of them were Photoshopped! Dont you just love that? Good, wholesome, real photographs. And if you are one of the unfortunate few who did not see the photos…here…Wedding Photos.

So guess what. What? I’m almost done with Project 365. WHAT?! Yes! Just like a few more days! I know. I’m a little shocked too. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a whole year…it seems longer. So anyway, I’ve got some “big” news and am going to save it for after P365. It’s mainly what I’m going to be doing next, my thoughts on Project 365, and so on. I will say, even though I havent been putting “Day such n’such” by a photo, it still is most likely a P365 photo. Ok? Ok.

Day 362 – our cat hardly ever sits on this couch like this, he usually sits on the back. So we thought it was rather cute. Of course we tried “distracting” him and “playing” with him, but he was busy napping. We were disturbing a sleeping cat. Uh oh…

Jack had caught, terminated, and ingested that his mind.

Well…um…tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. Hurray. I’m not to big on sports so I’ll probably do…something else other than watching a silly football game for four hours. Personally I could find something better to do in that time. Talk to y’all tomorrow!

Now Playing – Enchanted – Taylor Swift

Matt :D

Update – Austin reminded me that Super Bowl Sunday is next week. I knew that but for some reason my parents mention that it was tomorrow and so…yes. Sorry!



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3 responses to “Cats Do Not Make Very Good Mouse Catchers

  1. Austin Miller

    Super Bowl Sunday is NEXT week, BTW. :)

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