Twitter Tea Party

Good afternoon blog. How are you today? Well today I had a Tea Party, on Twitter, with Megan (@crayon_massacre). She and I had SC-ONS (not scones) and Earl Grey Tea. Steve Jobs showed up and we turned him into our waiter. See, Megan and I are Twitter gods. I also happen to be a Pope and Megan is High Priestess. She and I are in charge of all of Twitter. We call anyone who is not us, a minion. If anyone of those minions were to get out of hand, we would send them TO THE CATS!!! It’s a complex political religion. It’s really awesome!

I spilled my tea. Megan is still drinking hers. Steve Jobs is bringing us cookies. THE CAT is drinking my spilt tea. This was the best Tea Party EVER!

Well my friends, that is how you have a Twitter Tea Party.

Matt :D



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