Rain, Rain, Please Come Again and Always Stay

Wow, so this is basically like one of my last Project 365 post. Whoa. Pretty crazy. I can’t believe I made it to the end. Well I’m gonna keep today’s post short. I’ve got a lot to talk about P365, whats next in my blog, photography, and a lot of other stuff.

So today it rained here in Phoenix. Sure it was like ten minutes but its better than nothing.


This is what happens when rain hits a flat surface, such as a glass table. Cool. I used the telephoto for the rain shots and did quite a bit of editing in Photoshop.

Being that I still had my Legos from yesterday's tea party still set up, I decided to photograph them some. :) I love Legos. (unedited)

The sunset was rather lovely this evening.


Okie doke, Well Imma go now. Tomorrow is my last day!

Now Playing – Bulletproof – La Roux

Matt :D



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One response to “Rain, Rain, Please Come Again and Always Stay

  1. Congrats on finishing! I can’t believe yesterday was the last day! Hopefully I’ll do it again in a year or two.

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