Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end.

Well look-y there. I have finished Project 365. Can you believe it? I sure cant. It seems like yesterday I just started P365 and now I’m finished! Wow. Now as much as I loved Project 365, I’m glad its over, and completely and utterly bummed. Why I’m glad, don’t really know. Maybe because I realize that I finally finished something, all the way through. Which is quite an accomplishment for me. I’m bummed because I’ve gotten so used to blogging everyday, that its going to be hard to break out of it.

But have no fear! I have a host of ideas for what to do next. My plan now is to take the month of February off and start something new in March. No no, I’m not going to stop blogging entirely, I just wont post every single day. I just kind of want a break from blogging. Sure I love doing it, but everyone needs a break. So instead of blogging everyday, I might just blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Next, I probably finish up building my other website, finish writing the “Camera Gear” section…Well I have it all written somewhere, so I’ll save you guys eyes from suffering from all my typing. Lets get to the LAST PROJECT 365 PICTURE!!!

Day 365 – Like in the famous words of Fonzie, “Whoa.” Wow guys! I made it to the end! I know I already said that, but still dudes, I find that pretty crazy.

So today was also Moezart Day! Yippee! We read through the entire script today just to get a feel for it. I get to sit by Colin and Michelle a lot today, but mainly talked with Colin. He's one super cool dude. I took this photo and I thought it was cool how the light "reflected" in his eyes (I thought it would be weird if I said sparkled).



Here is the black and white one. I thought it looked super fly! I edited them both heavily because it kinda needed it. The colors were all bland nstuff.

See? Its kinda all weird. haha

Flag-eroni! :D


Oh yes, we also went to dinner with the Hanerd’s after Moezart! But the pictures I took of them didn’t turn out as well. So I didn’t blog them.

Well…whats next? I have a few cool ideas up my sleeve. But I’m not going to tell you….yet.

I would like to say to EVERYONE who has keep up with me on P365, through Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress. I love reading all the comments you’ve left me and all the handy tips and tricks for helping improve my photographic skills. Your support is what kept me going and I thank you for that! If I could give all of you a hug. I would. :)

Now Playing – Fifteen – Taylor Swift – Closing Project 365 with my favoritest artist! :]

Matt :D :D :D


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