Blog Update and Camera Gear Update

Hey guys! I would just like to say that the “Camera Gear” tab is all updated and working! Scroll over and see some really cool drop down menus that I created!

Also, what do ya think of the new blog theme? I wanted a theme that could display a bigger picture, sadly I had to compromise with losing all the side bar stuff. Luckily I moved some of it to the bottom (such as site stats and the subscription box) but all the contact information is now a drop down menu (Flickr, Twitter, and Email Me)!

So do you guys like it? I kind of do. I like the big wide pictures! I ran a test post yesterday and it looks really groovy.

Okie doke, Mom would like the computer so I must be parting.

Leave a comment if I need to change anything. :)

Now Playing – Hot Air Balloon – Owl City

Matt :D


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