Top Secret Minion Meeting


Isaac came wearing a beard and a top hot. Im wearing a cool army hat...thing. Megan wore a an umbrella and felt like hanging from the ceiling.I actually had to play around with lighting to get this photo just right. While I reviewed the photos on the screen, I noticed needed more light because Steve Jobs face wasnt visible and the light I was using could get down any lower. Being that I didnt want to fix anything in post-processing. I got some paper, folded it, and let the light bounce off the paper to light up everything. Surprisingly, it worked pretty well! Didnt have to edit a thing!

This is what it would look like if I didnt use the paper to light things up. You can barely see Steve’s face.

I used the back of an Arizona Highways magazine for a nice background, my Canon Rebel T1i with the 18-55mm, a florescent light, and some paper.

So yup, with some clever ingenuity, I saved myself the annoyance of having to open up Photoshop to fix something that could be easily fixed right there.

Now Playing – You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

Matt :D

(P.S. Im experimenting with what photo size to use.)



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2 responses to “Top Secret Minion Meeting

  1. Really like this picture, and loved the fact that you showed your set up.

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