It’s Time…

Ok, so how many of you have wondered what I’m going to be doing next on my blog? None? Figures. Oh well, who cares? I do actually… Anyways I’ve been thinking about what to do next…another Project 365? No. Maybe a 90 day project? Possible. Just a random project that has no limit to days and lets me blog whenever and if I miss a day or two it doesn’t matter? Why yes! That sounds marvelous! I think… I will do that. But what shall I do it on?

Well, I have been following this blog, “A Lego A Day” for a couple of months now. Can I tell you something? I LOVE LEGOS!!!!! Oh man. So when I came across this blog, I fell in love. It was amazing. Simple, funny, and really awesome. I thought it was a great idea and have thought about doing a Lego a Day since I saw it, with the exception mine wont be a P365. Instead, I will just blog a Lego photo whenever I want, most likely everyday. But with the exception that if I miss a day, I wont feel bad or nothin’. Yup.

I also plan on doing something a little different. Dan (that’s the guy who runs A Lego A Day), just does random, awesome Lego photos. I thought, instead of just random photos, I would do a weekly theme with a Twitter Friend! Say whhhaaat?? Yes! A Twitter friend. Ya see, I have made quite a few awesome friends on Twitter, and being that I’ve never met them, I thought it would be cool do them in a Lego photo. Along with that, I would throw in some celebrity or cool type of person (Have you noticed Steve Jobs in a few of them? Yup.).

Sound cool? Yeah, I thought so too. In a weird yet cool way, its kind of like I’m meeting them…in LegoLand. I’m still debating how long I give each person. A week? Two weeks? I dunno. I’m still thinking.

Of course once I’ve done my Twitter friends, I might do my Facebook friends.

Ok, now time for a picture!

Well there seems to be a lot going on in this photo. I’m photographing a model. Chuck Norris. Isaac is talking with Megan who is distracted by Steve Jobs who is talking about the new iCAT. Cool. I know.


So yeah. Does that sound like a cool and creative thing to do? Would you guys like it? I think it would be a whole heap of fun!

Now Playing – The Story Of Us – Taylor Swift

Matt :D

(PS Still playing around with picture size)



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