The Return of Leo and Lilly

Does anyone remember Leo and Lilly? Well we certainly do. If you don’t, or never heard of Leo and Lilly then let me explain. A few years ago, ducks landed in our pool! That’s it. That’s all I have to say. Well of course then we named them, fell in love with them, and fed them bread.

The next year, they came back again. We loved them, fed them, and enjoyed them so. Then we realized, ducks, are bad for pools. Why? Because they poop and the pee and make it turn green. So we shoo-ed them away.

Ladies and Gentlemen, THE DUCKS ARE BACK!!!  Of course, now we don’t want them here because we don’t want another green pool. Trust me, green pools are not attractive and unusable. In order to fix a green pool, one must either dump a bajillion dollars worth of chemicals in or drain it. The latter being cheaper. So now we are trying to keep the ducks away. Maybe its time to call in THE CATS!!!


























Now Playing – California Gurls – Katy Perry

Matt :D


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