Pictures to Come

Hey Guys! Sorry I havent been blogging that much lately. I’ve been a little busy with CollegePlus. I should start off why I havent blogged and it’s because I no longer can blog during the week, only the weekend! Why? Well lets just say, I havent been doing all that well in CP. So…this kind of makes doing my LEGO Project, a little difficult. I’m working on a plan and schedule to work things out. What I’ve thought of doing is taking all the photos on the weekend, editing them, and them blogging them all individually and have WordPress….Press it for me. Make sense? Basically what I’m going to do is upload and blog a picture and then set a time (day, month, year, and actually time) for it to post! Make sense now? I thought it was pretty ingenious myself. WordPress makes blogging easy.

Ok, well time to go. Had a super busy and awesome day today! From the Winter Range Shooting Event to the Sock Hop this evening, my feet are killing me, I’m tired, but it was totally worth it.

Nighty night!

Now Playing – wind, rain, and the storage shed door banging do to the wind and rain – mother nature

Matt :D



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2 responses to “Pictures to Come

  1. that’s a good idea yo! Keep on bloggin’ buddy!

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