Snow in Carefree!

See that blank white patch? That's a golf course!

Hehe! Someone had built a tiny snowman! :D

Now aint that perty?

hahaha! Clever!

Ahhhh, snow. :)

Matt :D



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2 responses to “Snow in Carefree!

  1. Eileen

    Matt, I met you briefly while taking the snow shots up in Carefree. I love how your shots came out. Love the b&w. It seems the worst days in Arizona produce the best scenic photos. Unfortunately for me, I had to return to the northeast a couple days later and frankly, I can get a ton of snow shots if I liked snow, which I don’t anymore. One question, how do I NOT get gray snow??

    Your people shots on the range are great, very natural. I find people hard to take. Ha, ha. Literally. I get yelled at when I take people’s photos which is why I have ALOT of dog shots.

    You have a great eye but you probably know that. I’m guessing from the title of your blog. Great blog too. How long have you been shooting??

    Eileen in CT

    • Well hello there! Yes, I do remember chatting with you.
      Well realistically, that’s all based on the colors (and contrast) in the scene you are shooting. Really, contrast is the most important one. High contrasty photos tend to make the best b&w’s. Why? Well, I dont know how to describe it but usually its the photos with a lot of shadows and highlighted areas. Really, most shots look good in b&w.
      And getting rid of that gray snow? Well that can be done with contrast adjustments. but really, its all in the lightning. I noticed a few of my shots have that gray snow, after closer examination, I noticed the shots with gray snow, were the shots that had clouds covering them, creating a shadow. Have you ever noticed how shadows are gray (and depending on light, black)? Well when you take a photo in color, you really dont notice it, but black and white seems to highlight. My suggestion would to play around with the contrast levels. Do a little experimenting in a high-contrast area (maybe a sunny day, with snow on the ground, and a tree with no leaves or a cityscape in the late afternoon? (lots of shadows!) and play around with it. Try all the different levels of contrast. See which one works best for that scene.
      Over time, youll learn which setting would work for a certain scene. And get better at reading light. Hopefully that helps! if you have any more questions, send me an email (via the contact me section)!

      Thank you very much. I personally love taking pictures of people. Portraiture photography is one of my favorites. But for some reason, people dont like a camera in their face all the time. ;) hence why I have quite a few cat photos. ;D

      Thank you very much! :) It means a lot (no really, it does) when people say that!

      Ive been shooting for 2-3 years now. But Ive really gotten into it over the past year.

      Matt in AZ :D

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