Bokeh and Waterdrops! :D

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Matt :D



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4 responses to “Bokeh and Waterdrops! :D

  1. Matt. This is amazing. The bokeh is beautiful.. Drools.*

    • Haha I knew you’d like this one Austin. I shot wide open (f1.8) just so I could get the round bokehs. ;) it was really hard cuz I had to use manual focus. Sadly, if you zoom into the water drops, you will see some CA. That’s the downside to shooting wide open with light like that. It usually doesn’t work to well. But you hardly notice it. That’s why I always stop down just a bit. :) Thanks for the comment! Blog the mounted shooters pics!!!

      Matt :D

      “Nobody move! I dropped me brain.”

      • It really is a great shot! I love f/1.8 so much. I think the benefits from shooting at f/1.8 far out way the drawbacks (like CA). CA doesn’t bother me unless the whole image is purple. I’m going to blog tomorrow. (:

      • Haha me too. But I prefer f2.8 over it just because literally. The images quality is so much better!

        “Nobody move! I dropped me brain.”

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