Busy Week

Hey guys and gals. So this week there probably won’t be any blog posts. Why? Well because I don’t have the time to blog now. I’ll try to blog now and then, but school is now becoming more demanding of my time (a lot more demanding). I’ve got some cool photos last week and I can’t wait to show them to y’all.
This week is also going to be fun-filled. Well kind of. Monday and Tuesday are gonna be the same, but Wednesday I’m taking the lovely Jenni’s Senior Pictures! Thursday I’m editing another one of Vonda’s videos, and Friday…well I was signed up for a free online wedding marketing class, but because it’s a two day event, and because of school, I probably will have to canceling that. Which makes me pretty mad cause it seemed super interesting.
So yeah. Sorry about that y’all. But please don’t just…not stop checking! Maybe you could tell a friend (or 2 or 3 or 1,000,000) about my blog. Maybe even show them your favorite(s) photo/blogpost! That would be super cool. Would you guys do that? For lil’ ol’ me?? It’d be super nice to come back and see that my blog stats didn’t drop to zero, cause honestly, I don’t like that.
Anywhooo, toodles for now!

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Matt :D


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