Unedited vs. Edited Week!!!

Well howdy-doo their blog readers! Sorry I’ve been gone so long! I have missed you dearly. :( Quite a bit has happened the past couple weeks, I saw Justin, did ogles amount of school work, dad left for a river trip, a Moezart Dance practice (intense!), and a whole bunch more, but…I cant remember it.

The BIG, major, thing that happened last week though, which I consider this monumental is, I took Jenni’s Senior Portraits! :D Yes! Me! The little guy running this blog, did JENNI’S PORTRAITS!!!! Ok, Jenni is not a super huge, famous, celeb (well she’s not Justin Bieber) but it was totally cool that she wanted me to do them! :D Yeah, so it was awesome.

So, since I missed last week, I thought I’d do something I did way back when I was doing Project 365. Showing the unedited and then comparing it to the edited. Yup! And I thought I’d do it with Jenni’s portraits because they are that INCREDIBLE.







Now Playing – Panic! At The Disco

Matt :D



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2 responses to “Unedited vs. Edited Week!!!

  1. Panic! at the disco is pretty awesome! =D

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