Midnight Cruise Prom 2011

Last Friday was prom! Yes! Prom! And I went! And it was super-duper amazing and way to much fun and awesomeness!

Miss Julie and I. Yes, I wore my dads tux. It was 25 years old.

Sorry, it really was a blast. We started the night off with some parent thing, which, was interesting. Even though nothing happened. :P

After that we moved right into dinner, which was absolutely tasty and yummy!

Fancy napkin

Once we finished that, we went out to the dance room to…sit and stare at each other for hours. haha Well for awhile Stuart and I did. We sat at the  (soda) bar drinking the night away. Cherry Dr. Pepper is amazing! I, wasnt planning on dancing, for I am a….well let’s just say it’s not pretty when I “movin’ my hips like yeah”.

Cherry Dr. Pepper. Good stuff.

She just kept the drinks coming! Amazing service!

But after a couple of drinks (more like ten) and after I realized no one was that amazing of a dancer, I started to dance myself. Very exciting!

Photo of the night. Jennis face was priceless!

So yup, that was prom. I’m so bummed it was my first and last prom. It was so much fun! Like, words cannot describe how much fun it was! So, I officially am calling myself, not senior…forever!

Last photo of the night. So much fun!

And that ladies and gentlemen, was Prom 2011. One of the best nights of my life! When I got home, it was about 12:30am and was covered in sweat. Totally worth it.

Now Playing – Waiting Outside The Lines – Greyson Chance

Matty :D

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  1. Stuart

    It was an awesome time!

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