I miss writing

You know what, I miss writing here. I havent written a decent blog post in a while and I miss doing that. Even though I’m not the world’s greatest writer to grace this planet, writing was something I really enjoyed doing. No, my sentences aren’t perfect. Yes, you grammar nazis, spelling bee winners, and english teachers probably can’t stand my writing, but I don’t care! Writing was fun!

I honestly don’t think of myself as that good of writer. It takes me forever to come up with an idea. Even though I have 50 ba-million ideas tumbling around in my head, its darn-near impossible to get them out of my head and onto my fingers. Somehow, in my mind, the sentences are perfect, there’s no grammatical errors, everything is perfect, and I think to myself, “Aw heck, this blog post wont take me but a 15-20 minutes to write.” An hour later and I’ve barely got anything down. And of course, I’m usually unhappy with what I wrote, so start over.

There are days I wish I were a writing genius, but then there are days, I don’t really. I havent written in so long because as you know, I am not allowed to blog during the week. Only on the weekends. This puts a little damper on things and usually means I have to come up with everything (IE, do all my editing, and sorting, and so forth) on the weekend. Being the procrastinator that I am, that usually happens Sunday evening. Of course, doing it so late, leaves me no option but do edit photos, and just make a quick blog post about them. I usually don’t have the time to type out some long story or whatever. Of course, a good photograph doesn’t need an explanation, but I do like talking about what’s going on in my mundane life.

I sometimes consider my blog just a place to come and…I know this sounds dumb but, a place to relax. It’s nice to just come here, see what’s going on in the blog-o-sphere and make a little post about life, or what have you.

Writing is just one of those things I really enjoy. It’s a way to express myself, and show you my perspective of the world…through words, not photographs. I don’t know if any of you have missed my writing, but I have missed writing quite a lot!

So this week, I have decided to do a whole week on writing! And all God’s people said, “AMEN!”

Now, I don’t really have any idea what to write about, well actually I do, but it’s photography-based. But who cares! This is a photography blog! I will write photograph garbage if I want!

So I’ve decided to dedicate this week to some of my favorite camera/lens review sites. I usually put in a lot of research before buying a new lens (and a lot when I was interested in getting a DSLR) so I think it only necessary to tell you some of my favorites. I will start with my least favorite and work my way to my favoritests!!! Hopefully these sites will be of some service to you when you look into buying a new camera.

Anyway, I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter.


Matty :D


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