Camera Review Sites – Least Favorite – CNET

So here is my first review site for lens and camera bodies. This one is my least favorite (actually, I basically hate this site).

CNET Reviews 

I personally can’t stand CNET for camera and lens reviews. The lady that does the reviews seems to have no idea what she is talking about. Dare I say it, she’s an idiot. When you read a review, all she whines about is minor stuff that she considers super important. Like the how the buttons press, or the grip. Now yes, those things are some-what important, but to me, I want to know how the camera performs, what do images look like from it? How does it fare out in the field? Are the things you are whining about actually not as annoying?

Well, you will never hear that from her. She does a “quick” lame, five or so minute review and leaves it at that. She hardly has anything good to say about any camera she uses. She will complain about how the enter-level DSLRs don’t have that nice of grip, and the buttons aren’t that nice, and the lens that, and so on. I’m just like…”look woman, it’s an enter-level DSLR, it’s not going to be the nicest camera in the world.” Now, you would think she would say really nice things about the higher-end, more professional grade DSLRs, right? No. She complains about how big they are, and how heavy they are, and of all things, the price. It’s like….um, HELLO!?! It’s Canon’s highest-end DSLR, of course it is going to carry a big price tag. But you get your money’s worth. The thing is built like a tank. I dunno, but I can’t stand them for reviews.

The lady is an idiot and has no idea what she’s talking. I highly doubt she even uses the camera she’s reviewing. She probably just picks it up, and says all the things she doesn’t like about it. I hardly ever hear something she likes about a camera. Heck, she would probably complain about the Leica M9 because it doesn’t have “full-auto” or “live-view.”

In all honesty, I would not go to CNET for reviews from anything. When I watched the review for my Canon Rebel T1i, I laughed. Because here, I have one now and love it, it’s an amazing camera, and all she said was, “blah blah blah and an idiot. look at me. dumb dumb dumb”

So yup, there you have it. My least favorite place to look for camera/lens reviews. Dont go there. You wont learn anything.

Matty :D


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