Camera Review Sites – My Favorite – DP Reviews and Imaging Resource

So these are my some of my favorite review sites they are not my FAVORITEST, but they are really helpful when purchasing a camera.

DP Reviews 

Imaging Resource 

DP Reviews – to start off, I would not suggest DP if you don’t know too much about cameras (well how to use them that is). DP Review does a huge, long review on a camera. They test it, test it, and test it some more. They do comparisons with other models, image quality test, and on and on. Basically, when you look at a DP Review, be sure to set a fair amount of time aside to read up on the current product. Why? Because some reviews can be as long as 30 pages! Sure, you might not look at every page, but still, there is a lot to look through.

Anyway, DP is a spectacular place to learn a lot about the camera you might be buying (or not). If you are a up-coming photographer (or a well-seasoned pro) DP is your place. They offer a ton of useful information for us photogs. Like I said, if you arent to serious about photography, and are just wanting a new camera, I would not suggest DP because of the extensiveness of their review.

Imaging Resource – Their review is pretty short and snappy, it’s the user report that tells you a lot about the camera. I like them if I want to get a quick overview of what a camera is made of. The page is not to long (usually) and provides just the right amount of info. I like the, quite a bit.

Matty :D


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