Camera Review Sites – My Favoritest! – Ken Rockwell and DigitalRevTV

So here we are, the best of the best, well I guess what i consider the best. These guys are my two favorite camera/lens review sites.

Ken Rockwell 


Ken Rockwell – I have to say Ken is probably one of my favorite. His reviews are so good. Honestly. Why I like Ken is its HIS opinion. He doesn’t give a crap on what everyone might be saying about a current camera. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll say so. When he reviews something, he doesn’t do a ton of lab test. He takes the camera or lens and just shoots with it. Whatever he likes about it, he tells you. Whatever he doesn’t like about it, he tells you.

Another thing I like about Ken is his reviews are super easy to understand. He doesn’t pollute his review with weird camera lingo that only pro’s understand, he talks like a regular person. Now you may think that I should enjoy the camera lingo junk, well in a way yes I do but there are times I don’t like it, and I guess when reading a review, its nice not to have to translate what AWB means and such.

Ken has mastered reviewing. He has made it easy to understand, real, and its his opinion. I guess why I like that so much is because its his opinion. You aren’t reading a shallow review were it seems that there was no photographer testing the device, just a bunch of robots. Ken tests the camera. He is not afraid to write what he thinks about it.

DigitalRevTV – technically they are not a “site” but more or less a YouTube channel. And I have to say, I love their reviews. Kai (the guy who does the review) goes out and tests the gear he reviewing. Kind of like Ken, except, they make a video of him reviewing it. Most the things Kai talks about are basic things. He’ll tell you the mega-pixel count, frames-per-second, and so forth. The stuff you can easily look up yourself, but for some reason, when he tells you, it’s like new information.

Kai too, tells you about what he likes and dislikes about the camera or lens. Aside from the some-what perverted jokes, he real knows what he is talking about! I also like how throughout the video, they will show some of the pictures he has taken. I like that.  It gives you the sense as if you are the one using the camera. Of course, you instantly like to Kai because he has a british accent. Which is awesome. ;) But beside the point.

I have to say, these two sites are my absolute favorite for reviews. I will usually go to Ken first to read up on whatever and then to YouTube to watch DigitalRevTV. I think this gives me a really good feel about the camera or lens.

Well anyway, I hope these recommendations have helped you, because these sites have really helped me! (except for CNET)

Matty :D


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