Arizona Has Great Sunsets

You know one of the things that I take for granted is the sunsets here in Arizona. Quite literally, I think they are the best on the planet. I mean where else can you go to get such spectacular sunsets? I consider the winter sunsets to be more spectacular than the summer ones. But then again, I’m hardly here (in Arizona that is) during the summer, so I cant really say that. But I think they are better is because we have more clouds n’stuff. Anyway, here are just a couple of photos to prove that Arizona has great sunsets.

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Matty :D



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2 responses to “Arizona Has Great Sunsets

  1. Nice pics! Almost makes me miss AZ…
    (If you cropped the cars out of the first one and photoshopped out the telephone lines it would be awesome!)

    • haha! Thanks for the comment!
      I would have PSed that first photo but its actually the original file from the camera. Would you believe that that picture came from that teeny canon powershot? Well it did!

      Matty :D

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