I Dont Know What To Blog About

You know what? I’m just completely clueless on what to blog about. I mean, yeah this is a photography blog and all, but I kinda get bored with just continually uploading photos and not doing other than that. One thing I would like to blog about is about camera junk and becoming a better photograph n’stuff. But I feel like when I blog that kind of stuff, no one really cares. Like, they could care less about what’s going on in the “current camera market”, or why “I choose Canon”, and why “there is no such thing as a bad lens” and so forth. But when I start typing about that kind of stuff I begin to think, “man, is anyone even going to care about this? I mean this has meaning to me and a few other people, but what about the people who just check my blog for the photos? Are they going to care?” And then I end up just kind of scraping the post, or saving it somewhere.

Another ~minor~ inconvenience is not blogging during the week (I make all my blog posts on the weekend and set them to post throughout the week if you were wondering). Now I know it’s better that I’m not blogging during the week because I need to focus on my schoolwork. But when I can’t, then I can’t really blog about how my week has been, or like what’s kind of going on during the week, because when I can write more posts, well it’s a new week and no one wants to hear old news. And you know what, even though my life is about as interesting as a tree stump, I liked telling you all about the random, “exciting” things that “sometimes” happen in my life.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is that, I’m in yet another, photographer depression. Other then Jenni’s Senior Portraits, I havent done really anything photo related. Mostly all the photos I’ve taken are of the cat, or something kind of interesting in the house. I havent been much of anywhere to get photos and I’m starting to get a little bored. It’s not that I don’t like photography anymore or nothin’, it’s just that I’m in good need of a photo shoot of….anything!

So to conclude this post, I’m going to ask you all a question.

Would you guys like it if I blogged about photography related stuff? (Like gear, the market, and what-nots)

I really want to know what you all would think about that? I mean I would love too. I think it would be cool but then I really don’t want to blog about something no one is going to read.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m feeling a little under-the-weather.

Good Night Yall!

Matty :D



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4 responses to “I Dont Know What To Blog About

  1. Well you could read my other blog to get inspiration :)
    (Oh wait, you’re my only follower on my other blog… LOL)

    No, really, I think you’re doing great as a blogger! Better then me; I never have time to write as much as you do!

  2. I can sympathize about not knowing what to write about as well as photographer depression. I haven’t been posting on either of my blogs lately because I’ve just been too dang busy! School and work and “farm” chores have kept me very busy. At least school is almost over! Haha. Try to break out of your photog slump. Go make yourself photograph something that you haven’t photographed before. Last spring my slump-breaker was the new buds on trees, old leaves, and other stuff in nature. I had never really focused on trees coming out of winter dormancy, but I got some cool stuff. So go out, look around you as if you have never seen anything before, and find something unexpected and interesting. And photograph. You may get into a groove, you may not. Just keep trying to find ways to see things differently. You have a good eye, it won’t fail you. You have good skill with prose as well, so don’t be discouraged that no one seems to be following/reading. I don’t feel like anyone reads my blogs either. Wah. Keep it up, your doing fine. Just write about whatever you want to and your readers will appreciate the effort that you put into giving them something to read. Ciao! :^D

    • Thank you so much Ashley! This was one of those comments I just needed to hear. :) It was very encouraging.
      Ive thought about doing a little street photography. Ive never really done it before and it seems really fun. Perhaps I’ll try that. :D

      Thanks fer the commento!

      Oh BTW, rumor has it that Photomark is going out of business! D:

      Matty :D

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