Four Peaks has Four Peaks!

So, I havent done much for photography. Aside from Jenni’s Senior Portraits, I havent gone out and done some serious photographing. So now Im having to resort to using some photographs took awhile ago. Sorry bout this yall. Hopefully I can get some more photographing in before we go to Oregon this summer. I’ll take about that later though.
Matty :D


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5 responses to “Four Peaks has Four Peaks!

  1. Very nice! You make me miss the desert :)

  2. Wow, Matt. The light highlighting the mountain is just amazing and the snow just pushes this one over the top!

    • Thanks Austin! I took this photo a couple months ago. My dad and I bought thought it would be cool if the sun were to come out and light up the snow and mountains. I was a bit pessimistic because it looked like it was going to be cloudy all evening. Then we had a break for about 5-8 minutes!

  3. Four peaks has four peaks?!?! Who would have guessed?!? LOL.

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