The Famous Bathroom Profile Picture!

(This is a picture of Daniel, Julie, Jonathan, and your’s truly, taking a picture of us all in the bathroom at Joe’s Farm Grill.)

Why is it teens like taking pictures of themselves in bathrooms? And then decide to upload it to Facebook and make it their profile picture. I don’t know but I find it a ~bit~ strange to take a camera into the bathroom to take pictures of yourself. I honestly think it’s a little “to” personal.

Now Playing – Waiting Outside The Lines – Greyson Chance

Matty :D



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7 responses to “The Famous Bathroom Profile Picture!

  1. Christian

    Lol! And I have to say that today you have fantastic taste in music, usauly you don’t but today you do

  2. LOL Matt, you guys are too funny xD
    But seriously, bathrooms are amazing places for portraits.

  3. Nikki

    Love this picture :’D it could almost be some sort of band’s group picture, fi you get me – just gives off that sorta vibe!

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