3 Guys Having A Drink

I really like this photo. Just a few buddies out having a drink. As you might have noticed, one guy has spotted me taking a photography, luckily, he didn’t say anything and didn’t care. Isnt that nice?

Now Playing – Umbrella Beach – Owl City

Matty :D



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5 responses to “3 Guys Having A Drink

  1. SweetBabyJamie

    I think that’s really cool!

  2. LOL that’s great. You’re such a stalker ;D
    And I LOVE THAT SONG! Owl City is amazing.

  3. These candid shots are really awesome! I love the black and white and film-noir kind of effect. Contrasty and crispy. Very nice. Just a thought here… you might want to research model release rights. Become familiar with the legal end of photography just so that you know about it and can use it to keep your back covered. If someone saw a pic of themselves and recognized it and there was no model release you might have an issue on your hands. I don’t really remember a whole lot about the details of releases though. I had a whole mess of cool photos of people that I could have used for stock work, but without the model releases I was cooked. Having them might also open a lot of doors for you too. (Think advertising/stock/etc.) Anyway, as I said, it’s just a thought. Good luck! Ciao! :^D

    • Hey thanks Ashley!
      I’ll have to look into this Model Release thing. Ive heard things about it, but I thought it was just for commercial use. I’ll have to take a peeks-y at this to educalamacate myself.
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by!
      You gonna blog any time soon? I miss reading your stuff. :(

      Matty :D

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