Whoops! Forgot to make all my blog posts ahead of time! Somehow, the weekend just slipped away. It’s funny how that happens. I keep telling myself I have time to blog, I’ve got the whole stinking weekend! I’ve got time. Lo-and-behold, here it is late Sunday night, and I havent even started building up my blog posts for the week. So, this week will be fairly light. If any posts at all. It’s somewhat of a busy one as well, I’ve got the Cast Party on Tuesday, Thursday I’m meeting some friends to see Pirates 4, Friday I’m graduating, and maybe this weekend I might meet Colin at Hot Topic, because we both want to get skinny jeans. But Im not sure. So yeah.
I’ll try to blog some this week though. My brother is letting me use his computer for school n’stuff. So I’ll be able to upload photos, they just wont be edited. Which might be kind of nice for a change. Im always editing my photos now-a-days. It’s not that they are terrible (usually the focus and exposure are right on) I just like richer, and more contrast-y photos.
Anyway, If you are still reading this, congrats! You’ve survived the Rapture! Now, the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!! Or has that already happened? BAH! Who cares. It’s all a bunch of lies and poopoo anyway.
Alrighty then, well you all have a lovely, evening, night, morning, noon, or whatever it’s like where you are!

By the way, May 19 (last Thursday), I got 298 blog views in one day!!!! I don’t even know where they came from! It just happened! That’s the most I’ve gotten…EVER. So thank you all for telling other people about my blog! You ROCK!!!

Matty :D


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