Emailing, It Came Before Facebook and Twitter

You know what I miss? Emailing. You know, that thing you did back in like the 90’s before there was Facebook and Twitter? Umm…its like letter writing…only digital? YES! That! Well, I miss that. I miss getting fun emails from friends and reading about what is going on in their lives, even though by the time I’ve replied to that email, those things have past. Those were the good ol’ days. Now all I get in my inbox are messages from companies telling to come spend more money at their store, and those dreadful Facebook emails that seem to NEVER END, or that someone new just started following me on Twitter. That’s all I get now. Oh, and the occasional Apple email demanding that I spend more money and get my great-twice removed-half-blooded-imported Aunt and iPad for her birthday (though I do approve of the iPad for the Grad email.) Its sad really. Now all we do is stalk people’s Facebook walls. Which is awkward. Or read through someone’s tweets only to find out that all they’ve done is go pee. Its getting boring. Why can’t people email more? What’s wrong with it? Is it not “hip” enough? Well…what’s so “hip” about Facebook? All you do is getting poked by people and look at pictures of people you really don’t care about. Twitter? Hello? Everyone hates birds! They taunt us with their power of flight! It’s not fair! We should….revolt.
But lately, my inbox has been enlightened to an email conversation with someone in England. Yes, the Motherland. She found me through a Facebook status that I had commented on and guess what, she stalked me and found my blog. Luckily, she was cool enough to send me an email complimenting me on my photographic work. Of course, I freaked out because…I GOT AN EMAIL FROM A REAL LIVE PERSON. I just found this hugely monumental, because it wasnt one of those stupid, “If you don’t forward this email, you don’t love your country/you’re gonna die/your lover is going to kiss you Friday” kind of crap, and because it was a personal message. I like it. And now, we email back and forth, talking about our education, our love of photography, books we like, and cool photo journeys we have planned. It’s really nice.
Even though I have no idea what she looks, (her name is Nikki, and I hope it’s a her :P), I feel as though I’ve known her forever and she just randomly decided to send me an email to “catch up.” I check my email all the time to see if I’ve gotten a reply yet. Of course, I always check from my iPod, which is cool and all, but I don’t like replying via iPod because it’s so hard to type long replies.
Anyway, I just thought I would share this to you all. I think it’s really fun to email. My next goal…send a HANDWRITTEN (that means using a pen and paper) letter to someone…someone far away. Any takers?

Matty :D



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4 responses to “Emailing, It Came Before Facebook and Twitter

  1. Dude send a handwritten to me! The last time I wrote a letter I think was back in the 90s! I agree with you though, email was always more thought out. Anyway, british people are awesome and I like this blog and this blog post very much good sir!

  2. Emailing! Bah! Who needs that these days? ;) Just kidding; I too miss emailing! (And I live sortof far away… If you want my address… Email me! :D )

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