I Graduate Tomorrow

Wow guys, wow. It just hit me. I graduate tomorrow. You know, from High School? Oh what, a homeschooler can’t graduate? Well, yeah they can, because I am, along with, quite literally, 100’s, if not 1000’s of others. I can’t believe it. I realize that up to this point, my whole life has been dedicated to school. And here I am, almost done with it? It’s crazy weird! Of course, as you know, I’ve already started college. But I just can’t believe I’m done with High School! It seems like I’ve been in it forever! And now here I am, at the end! I really don’t know what to say. I’m somewhat speechless. All that’s running through my mind is, “I graduate tomorrow.” “Im graduating.” “What the crap, where did High School go?! Has it been four years already?! HOLY MACARONI!” Heres my advice to all you people just starting High School…it goes by quick. Four years sounds long when you are young, but you will soon find out…four years is really short.

Anyway, don’t know who is going to read this at 11:30 at night but whatever.

Good night yall!

Matty :D


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One response to “I Graduate Tomorrow

  1. Dude! Tell me about it! : P Life just keeps going faster the older you get…
    What are your college plans??

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