I Survived High School and Graduated

Last Friday was Graduation day for a lot of the High Schoolers here in Arizona. There were 150 people graduating that day! Which is pretty cool.
I had to leave around 12 o’clock to get downtown so we could do a “dress rehearsal” of the thing. Being that I really have never been in the downtown area, I kinda sorta somewhat got…lost…Well more or less just confused…which is basically lost. Of course, once I figured out where I was, I had missed my turn. So, once I had flipped my car around and made that turn, I was headed in the right direction. Of course, I got there late and missed all the “important announcements” which really weren’t that important because I didn’t remember them after she told them to us again! And look, I graduated!
Anyways, the dress rehearsal only lasted till 3 and the actually ceremony was at 7 (and we graduates had to be back by 5:30-6ish). So Brandon (from Moezart), Kara, Alex (both from chemistry), and I (a far, far away place) wandered around downtown for a lil’ bit. It was actually a lot of fun! And of course, I got some cool photos of the downtown area.
We had Subway for dinner (BLAH!) and because it was so bloomin’ hot out, we didn’t really want to go walk around again. So we just sat in Subway and watched all the ComicCon people. Did I mention that? No, doesn’t look like it. Well along with the Graduation Ceremony, ComicCon (basically a bunch of single, middle-aged men who live with their mommies, and teens) was going on! So, the downtown area was littered with strangely dressed people.
5 o’clock rolled in and we left Subway and headed back to the Civic Center. We all got in our gowns and caps and experienced the Graduation Process! In which, we all Graduated! Hurray! :D

Here our a few photos from that day.

The San Carlos Hotel, I wish I would have taken a bit more time to get a better photograph, but it's still pretty cool

Moezart Graduates! <3

Now Playing – Hurricane – Panic! At the Disco

Matty :D


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