An Abandoned Building

I really love old, abandoned buildings. There is something so mysterious about them. I always wonder what they were like back when they had people in them. What happened in them. Has it always looked like that. And many other questions. Of course I try to imagine what it was like. Picturing as if people were actually there.
I wish I could get inside this building. It’s really cool. I would love to spend a whole day just wandering around inside it. Photographing it, playing our little scenes in empty corners of what people might have done. Most people see an empty, useless, building. But I see something else. I see an empty building that was once full of life.
This photo is one of my favorites. Out of all that I’ve ever taken, I really like this one. I can’t make up my mind which one I like better. The unedited or the edited. Both are so cool and capture the building’s personality in a unique way.

Yeah, this is unedited. I love the 50mm f1.8. The level of detail it captures is crazy! And the color and contrast and scary good. Best 100 bucks I've ever spent.

I also love this one. It looks as though it was taken by some tourist a long time ago. Which totally fits this building.

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Matty :D


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