My Graduation Party!

Even though my graduation party was a few weeks ago, I have been too lazy to put a few photos up on my blog. Sadly, I forgot to get a group photo of everyone. Yeah, that’s right. I was photographing my party. Because Im cool like that.

This photo was actually taken by Austin! He wanted to play with my camera. This isn't even edited! I know, the tones are amazing!

So yeah, these were a few photos from that magnificent day!

Now Playing – Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

Matty :D



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3 responses to “My Graduation Party!

  1. That last picture is amazing. The colors.. ahhh. Her skin looks so great. And BTW, I may be totally wrong, but I may have taken the second picture too. I know I took a picture of Jonathan’s making a weird face, but that may or may not have been the one. Haha!

    • I know! The tones are incredible!
      Im pretty sure I took that one. Because I was facing Jonathan. If you would have taken it, Jonathan would have had to turn and look at you.
      And, I can tell this one was shot at f2.8. You shot at f1.8 a lot. ;)

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