Tattoos and A Graduation Party

Last weekend was Zack and Jenni’s Graduation Party. It was really awesome! When you walked in, you could write some words of wisdom to Zack and Jenni, and then sign a stuffed animal dog. Jenni had set out a ton of different Sharpie markers for everyone to use. She had a subtle thought that they might get used for other purposes then signing the dogs. She was right. Quite a few of us were drawing all over each other. It was hilarious! I was lucky enough to get two “sleeves” on my arms done by none other than the one and only Jonahthin!

Jenni and my sister, Julie hangin' out on the playground.

Zack is basically a ninja and can fit into small, odd spaces. Like this one.

Me with all my "tattoos" next to Jonathan

Artwork by Jonahthin

Well, Mrs. Wakefield reminded me that we had church in the morning and my arms being covered in sharpie tattoos doesn't look to good. So Mrs. Morin got out a container of lemon scented Clorox wipes. Somehow, it led to all the girls rubbing the ink off my arms. It just happened. Like lightning.

So yes, it was an awesome evening. And I went to church and no one noticed the faded ink markings on my arms! Good job ladies! ;D

Now Playing – Memories – Panic! At the Disco

Matty :D


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One response to “Tattoos and A Graduation Party

  1. Sharpie tattoos = Girls

    Note to self: get sharpie tattoos.

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