A Surprise Party!

This weekend was Jessica and Courtney’s 16th birthday. Their mom wanted to give them a surprise party at Grimaldi’s Pizza. Being that is was a surprise party, they didn’t know anything about it! They thought they were just going out to get pizza on their birthday. Oh were they wrong! And yes, if you ask, they were very surprised. Which is to be expected. Because it was a surprise party.

My sister and I both got Jessica and Courtney Sprinkles Giftcards. (In this photo, Jessica)

Courtney was kinda excited about getting a Sprinkles Giftcard. KINDA.

Yeah, so that was their party. It was super awesome! After pizza we went to Orangeleaf and got FroYo and talked for hours! :D

Now Playing – The Real World – Owl City

Matty :D


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