You know what’s funny…

…is when you have all your photos edited for blogging but you forget to put them in Dropbox. So I will get you some photos when I can get the chance to put them in Dropbox.

By the way, do you have a Dropbox? NOOO?! Well then you should get one! Dropbox is basically a place were you can upload and store files, images, short video clips, etc, and access them from anything! Yes, that’s right, anything. It’s a really cool thing and I highly suggest you get one. Why? Well if you get one with the link I will provide below, we both get extra space FREE!!! You start off with 2GB, and with every referral, you get 250MB and so does you friend! :D I think it’s a pretty good deal. So yeah. Get a Dropbox.

YES! I want a Dropbox!!

Matty :D


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One response to “You know what’s funny…

  1. I’m in the Microsoft store! I love your blog man, it makes me wanna puke greatness!

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