Pretty Kitty Paw

First of all I would like to say I am sorry I didn’t blog very much last week. I completely forgot to compile all my blog posts for the week so that is why you didn’t see any.
I’ll upload a couple of photos from last week but realistically I haven’t been doing that much photographically. With the weather being so blasted hot and with the summer monsoons rolling in, Arizona is not a great place to be photographing in the summer. Well actually it is because the light is amazing, but the heat is a killer. So basically, I have just been inside the time. With the exception of seeing friends.
A long with the heat, grandmother hasn’t been doing very well and has been in the hospital a lot this last month. The doctors say she doesnt have much longer to live so our plans to Oregon have been canceled. Which means we wont be escaping the heat for a while. :P Um other than that, not much else has gone on. So yupperoni. Now for a photo!

Anyway, one of them big, ol’ monsoons are blowin’ in and I hoping I can get all my blog posts up if/before the power goes out. It happens sometimes.

Now Playing – Bad Kids – Lady GaGa

Matty :D


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