Peek-A-Boo Daniel

Please forgive. This photo was taken in the…*gulp* Microsoft Store. I call it the Microsucks store because it’s a terrible store! Ive been in there a few times (yes, I know) and I have never, not once, been asked if I need any help. They never tell me about the products (because they know they suck) or anything. It’s ridiculous! If it were an Apple Store you would have been helped in a matter of minutes. But what would you expect from something that is owned and run by Mircosucks. Efficiency? Costumer Service? Nope. Never. Hence why more and more people are switching to Apple.
Anyway, we met Daniel and Jonathan at Sprinkles for cupcakes and then wandered around Scottsdale Mall for a while. I took this photo while Daniel and I were playing on the super nice Sony’s. Yeah, the Sony computer was nice, but everything else sucked.

Now Playing – Marry The Night – Lady GaGa

Matty :D


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