The Great Haboob

Speaking of dirt, last week Arizona experienced a Haboob. I know what your thinking, and you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking that! A haboob is a giganto dust storm!

This is a haboob! WHOOSHHH!

*NOMCRUNCHNOM* Haboob eats the moon.

My brother and I (being daredevils n’such) decided to stay outside and let haboob engulf us in its dustiness!

Once upon a time there was a neighborhood here. Then it got eaten by haboob. The end.

We went from being able to see the house at the end of the street, to not, in quite literally a matter of seconds. It was hardcore-intenseness!

What was really weird is the wind stopped. So what we were left with was a dust cloud just hangin’ around. It was really strange and creepy. It felt like we had been invaded by ALIENS. I went out and drove around in haboob. It was cool and very eery.

By the time my brother and I had made it inside, my camera had amassed a thin layer of dirt. Which is not a good thing! It’s not weather sealed! Opps. Oh well, the sensor needed cleaning anyways.

(BTW, most these photos were taken at ISO 3200-6400 hence the graininess)

So yup! That was the Phoenix Haboob!

Be sure to check out Arizona Highways WordPress Blog! Two of my photos got featured in the slideshow! :D

Now Playing – Galaxies – Owl City

Matty :D


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