Now Im in Colorado

Hey blog reading people! Just here to give you all (I could have used yall there, but I’m not in Texas anymore) a quick update. We left Texas today and are now in Springfield, Colorado. The “campground” here is empty. We are the only people staying here. It’s raining. My mom said that it’s a rare thing for it to rain here. There is not much going on here. It’s quiet. Yes, I am talking in short sentences. It makes me seem, mysterious. Top secret almost. Like, I’m doing something important. But I’m not. There is no internet here. We are tethering the internet via my Dad’s iPhone. Which means, if I upload any photos I’ll eat up a TON of data. So if I do. They’ll be really compressed. If that’s ok with you. I’m fine with it. I probably wont blog much while we are here.

Good bye.

Matty :D


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