The Red Sheds

So where did I last leave you all? Hmm, Ah yes! We were in Springfield, CO, listening to the wind and staring off into nothingness whilst enjoying being internetless! Well I am back again and I have brought you photos! Lots. I will probably compile a bunch of posts and have them posted throughout the week. Anyway, here are a few photos from visiting Springfield.

When we pulled into the campground here, my brother and I admittedly went out to take photos. For such a small town, there was quite a bit to photograph! Even in the campground/mobile home park we were staying in, there was a lot of interesting things.

As you all should know, red is my favorite color, so I was naturally drawn to these sheds. I just love the warn, neglected look they have. The last photo took me a long time to edit. When I took it, I could only meter for the sky or the shed. If I metered for the sky, the shed was under exposed, if I did the shed, the sky was blown out. Being that it is easier to fix shadows over highlights, I metered for the sky. Then with Photoshop, I brightened up the shed. Notice how I didn’t lose the details in the sky. hehe Photoshop is amazing. :)

And that’s that.

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Matty :D


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