I Love Old Trucks

You know, back in the day, cars had style. They just looked cool. Today, everything looks the same. I feel bad when I confuse a BMW for a Honda Civic. I feel bad for the guy who owns the BMW. But it’s true! What ever happened to each car made, being different and unique? I wish I grew up back then. Life seemed so much simpler.
Anyway, here is a photo from a cool, old, truck my brother and I found while wandering around the park. I had a lot of fun editing this one. I could do so much with it and it still look cool. I can’t pick one as my favorite. I like them all. :)

Even though it doesn't look edited, it is. I think it was just a color boost action.

Again, more actions on this one.

And here is the last.

I want this truck. Someday, I will get one and fix it up and make it cool. But that’ll come after my VW Bus. ;)

Now Playing – The Girl is Mine (With Paul McCartney) – Michael Jackson

Matty :D


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