A Relaxing (yet Exciting) Day in La Veta and Cuchara

Today we thought our cat was going to die. You read that right, die, like in, not breathing-no heartbeat-dead. See we had kept some lilies from my grandmother’s funeral and had hidden them from the cat. As all cat owners should know, lilies are poisonous to cats. We were keeping the flowers in the bathroom stall so he couldn’t get to them. Well, I accidentally forgot to shut the bathroom door completely and the cat quickly found himself digging through the flowers. We caught him immediately and washed as much of the pollen off. He had taken a small bit from the petal but it didn’t look like he swallowed. We all kind of panicked thinking it was the end for our cat. We did a lot of research and called a few vets and they said the pollen most likely wouldn’t harm him. We sat around knowing symptoms usually appear within the first few hours. Nothing happened. We consider ourselves pretty lucky. If he would have eaten a petal, he might not have made it. So that’s how today started out. We had planned to go see the Royal Gorge, but do to the cat’s recent ingestion, those plans were put on hold.

Other than that bit of drama, today was fairly lazy. Since we had decided to go to the Royal Gorge (but didn’t) we really didn’t have anything planned. So we just sat around and did nothing much.

My dad and I went into Walsenburg to get groceries. And then later I learned the differences between cabbage and lettuce. They look so gosh-darn similar that I had grabbed the wrong one (cabbage) when we needed lettuce. So my mom, sister, and I went Charlie’s Grocer for lettuce.

I love this photo. I like how the old folks are just sittin' around while the young whipper snappers are, well just walking.

Later this afternoon some deer decided to wander through the campground. For some odd reason deer like the grass along side the road. Which can lead to the occasional accident. Which is what happened today. An older man was riding his motorcycle and from the looks of it, swerved out-of-the-way to avoid hitting the deer. From the looks of it, he fell off but the injuries didn’t look to severe. Just scraps and cuts.

Later this afternoon some deer decided to wander through the campground.

After all the excitement, my mom, sister, and I drove up to Cuchara again to look at houses and soak in the scenery.

Aspens, probably one of my favorite trees. Next to Weeping Willows.

We ended the day with fresh corn-on-the-cob, bratwursts, smores, and a fantastic sunset.

Currently, I am sitting outside blogging while listening to the rain pitter-patter. It’s really relaxing here. :)

Matty :D


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