Yes, We Have A Farm

Betchya didn’t see that one comin’?! Well, we do. Well, it’s my mom’s farm. Yeah, it’s a wheat farm, which is really cool. I guess my great-grandmother homesteaded it a long time ago.

I don’t know if the picture above is “our” land, but it should give you a sense what it’s like there. I find it really crazy that my mom grew up here! And you know how I thought Springfield was small? Well, that’s not where my mom grew up. She grew up in Pritchett! Which is even smaller!

Pritchett, CO. Yes, people still actually live here.

Let’s get back to the farm. I guess my grandfather built everything a long time ago when he was alive.

My granddad made this spot (below) and sadly it has been tramped by cattle (oh man, saying that makes me feel so…country). He planted all the trees and made the little pond himself. Of course the cows have pooped in the pond and destroyed the trees. It makes me really sad to see it like it was. I wanna fix it up and make it all pretty again!

In a nutshell, that would be the farm. Pretty cool huh? If you want to get away from it all, this is the place. You can see for miles and miles. It’s pretty crazy.

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Matty :D


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