Pritchett, Colorado

Wow, Pritchett, Colorado is being talked about?! Crazy!? Well, as you know, my mom grew up in Pritchett. It was basically a little farm community. Not much happens there. My mom will tell you that when she graduated, there were only 11. That gives you a sense on how big the town was.
So basically there are three things in Pritchett, Grain Silos, Main Street (it’s the only street), and a few houses. These here, are called grain silos! It’s where they store grain after it’s been harvested.

And this would be Main Street! Look how busy it is!! Traffic everywhere! Actually, when I took this photo, I was sitting in the middle of the street.

The movie theatre! Now Showing….Vacancy.

And basically, that is the town of Pritchett. I got more photos. If you would like to see them, ask! I will gladly add them to this post.

Now Playing – Fireworks – Katy Perry

Matty :D


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    How about uploading some more images of Pritchett? I recall traveling through this tiny hamlet back at 1991 or so. For some reason it sticks in my mind. Also am intrigued by the nearby “town” of Two Buttes. Odd topography seeing 2 large buttes way out on the pancake-flat plains of southeastern Colorado.


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