Those Dang Mountain Views!

It seems as though every afternoon in La Veta is glazed over with overcast and rain. Now I’m not complaining for I am a Arizona Native and don’t see the rain to often. But I was really looking forward to photographing the mountains here in that beautiful evening sunlight. But with all the clouds, the mountains tend to look like this.

Sorry for the terrible framing. But this is what the afternoons and evenings have looked like. Dull and dreary.
But the past two evenings the clouds have broken up and let that warm, evening light shine through!

I know I used this one yesterday, but who cares? It’s an amazing photograph! I think Im going to print this one out and hang it on my wall.

This was today’s evening light. You probably won’t believe this, but this photo is SOOC.

I hope the light is this good tomorrow. We are going to the Royal Gorge. Basically it’s like the Grand Canyon of Colorado, only narrower but super deep (like 1000 feet). We are doing a Mystery Murder Dinner Train Ride in the evening. While the train is descending down into the gorge, some actors are going to be putting on a “Murder Mystery.” Basically it’s like the board game Clue, but on a train! :D It sounds super exciting and awesome.

Matty :D


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  1. reportonexperience

    the mystery dinner train ride sounds SO cool!!!

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