An Injured Camera

Hello fellow blog readers! How’ve ya’ll been? So you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged for a few days. I have a perfectly good excuse but Im going to save that for tomorrow (or maybe the next day, or when I feel like it!!!)

Anyway, I’ve come to you with bad news, my poor little Rebel has gone to see the (camera) doctor for the night. Yesterday my mom found a can of canned air. My camera’s sensor had accumulated quite a bit of dust over the past six or seven months and needed a good cleaning. So I took the canned air, opened the mirror (revealing the sensor) and begun blasting air onto the sensor. It was doing a pretty good job but there were still a few bits of dust on the sensor. So I went back to blast it again and out came this weird stuff.

Now you would think canned air would contain just canned air. But it doesn’t. That air has to get out of the can somehow and that’s most likely done with some form of propellant. Well that “propellant” has ended up on my sensor.

So today I ran my camera down to Tempe Camera to see what I should do. The lady there said that my sensor might be damaged and if so, I will have to send it back to Canon for a new sensor (read as – a super expensive repair). Right now though, it is there at TC for a good cleaning. The guy said he was going to do his best to clean off the stuff, so that’s “comforting”. And they even said if the sensor is damaged, they won’t charge me for the cleaning (a 55 dollar savings!). But that cost is minor compared to the big one that might come.

I’m really hoping it’s not damaged and just needs a good cleaning. I have been saving my money for a new iPod (when the new ones come out that is) and it would suck to have to spend that money to fix my camera. But my camera makes me money, my iPod doesn’t. (I just chuckled over that. Sadly.)

So needless to say, I am a bit worried and hope my camera is ok!

And here is my tip of the day for you – DON’T USE CANNED AIR TO CLEAN YOUR CAMERA’S SENSOR.

Lesson = learned

Matty :D



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2 responses to “An Injured Camera

  1. forgot

    So is the camera still dead?

  2. reportonexperience

    Eek! Good luck, I hope it doesn’t need the expensive repair =/ hope your holiday is going well, though, apart from that! :)

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