The Death of a Lumix

Well ladies and gentlemen, I am sad to say, my Lumix has kicked the bucket. A few weeks ago I was using it to shoot some photos for my dad’s website. I was using it instead of my DSLR because it was easier to over-expose the background (because of the small sensor, small sensor = limited dynamic range) and keep everything in focus (also because of the small sensor). I kept turning the camera off and on because the battery was running low and I really didn’t want to have to charge it. I turned it off and set up the next product to photograph. I picked up my camera, flicked on the on switch…and it broke. That’s right. The on switch broke.

See, the switch is in the "on" position. The green light isn't on. The lens didn't extend out. Dead. Broken.

I’m actually a little upset. Personally, if it were anything else, I wouldn’t be mad. But this is the on switch! If it would have been the lens breaking, sensor failing, zoom motors burning out, anything, I wouldn’t be mad. Why? Well because that would show at least I was using the camera a lot. But the on switch is just such a small thing. Huh. I think I know what broke. my guess is, the little bit that sticks out underneath the switch, broke off. Because when I move the switch back and forth, it just “slides” instead of “clicks” like it used too. I dunno know. I’m not a camera repairman.
I looked up to see how much it would cost to replace/repair it. Since it’s no longer under warranty, I can’t get it fixed for free. But I can get a new replacement for 200 dollars! It’s the same model or the current one similar to it. I probably wont though. I would rather save that money for a new 35mm f2! Yes, I am currently lens shopping. Dunno if I will get one yet, but Im considering it.

One thing about new lenses, is they cost money. And money is one thing I am trying to make off photography. So, I would like to say, I have successfully created a new website just for hiring me as YOUR photographer! Which means, that it is the end of this blog. Yes, I know. It’s sad news to hear, but it’s time I get more serious about photography. This blog has served it’s purpose. Which was to provide a place for me to put my work. But now I realize I want to be more serious about photography and I feel as though this blog is not the right place.
So, I am moving over to my new website/blog.

What I plan on doing is posting more “professional” stuff. I will continue to post here until the end of the year. And then, I will probably just stop posting here. MAYBE. I dunno yet. So yeah. Check out my new website! :D

Now Playing – Galaxies – Owl City

Matty :D


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